Hello world – Blockchaincaffe

This is first time we address the public and we are very happy and excited to be able to participate in creating  new future based on blockchain technologies, together with you.

Our work will be based on the monitoring of the blockchain and cryptocurrency news, as well as making  and software implementation of the projects.

The focus will be on the Bitcoin Lightning Network as a future payment system and at Ethereum as a platform for smart contracts.

Once when you start you will have the opportunity to get familiar with our 2 Bitcoin Lightening Network projects.

The first one is an interactive map of nodes that shows the geographical location of them, which is seen from the angle of decentralization and proximity of the connection, which is very important.

You can also make channel selection by the amount of money, which is significant because of the relevance of the node.

Another project is the Bitcoin lightning photo store, which aims to demonstrate all the power, speed and convenience of the Bitcoin lightning network.

There is the information about the production cost of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it actually represents the price you have to pay for electricity ($ 0.10 / kwh) as a miner to make 1 bitcoin and 1 ethereum.

At the time of writing to produce 1 bitcoin you need $ 4450 or 44500 kwh of electricity. Amortization and earnings are included in miners price and economic price.

The first texts will be for beginners, and very soon afterwards we will deal exclusively with an advanced analysis of the current state in the blockchain world.

You can contact us at

Blockchaincaffe team: Aleksandar Jesic, Dejan Rados, Milan Palangetic, Bojana Cucak and Goran Cuk.

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